1000 Books Before Kindergarten

This program is open to ALL children- any age- that have not yet finished Kindergarten.
Do you have more than one child? Read the book together and record it on both child’s Reading Log!
Reading together creates memories while boosting your child’s literacy.
Enroll at the library, get your set of Reading Log Pages and your Book bag to load with books and begin. At certain intervals, your child will receive a small prize. When the goal of 1000 books is met, your child will receive a hardcover book.

How will I ever be able to read 1000 books to my child before he/she starts Kindergarten?
Read just 1 bedtime story every night for 3 years = 1095!
Read 10 books each week for 2 years = 1040!
Read 20 books each week for 1 year = 1040

What if I don’t have time to browse for books to check out for my child?
The staff will gladly prepare a bag of books for you to just stop in and pick up!
I read the same story every night to my child. Can I count that book more than once?
Yes, a repeated reading of favorite books is recommended.
Tips and Ideas for Parents are given with the Reading Log Pages. These Tips and Ideas promote six key literacy skills:
1) Print Motivation: being interested in and enjoying books
2) Print Awareness: noticing print, knowing how to handle a book, and knowing how to follow the words on a page
3) Letter Knowledge: knowing letters are different from each other, knowing their names and sounds, and recognizing letters everywhere
4) Vocabulary: knowing the names of things
5) Phonological Awareness: being able to hear and play with the smaller sounds in words (rhyme)
6) Narrative Skills: being able to describe things and events and tell stories

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