June 1 = Summer Reading Program

Open to Greenwood Patrons (MUST be enrolled in school). Stop in for your ‘purple paper’ to register. Did you lose your purple sheet from your class visit? We have extras. In addition, we offer learning kits/games for all school aged kids on Mondays (12:30-5:30), Tuesdays (10:30-5:30). puzzles & blocks, Knex and drones, something for all ages. Children under age 6 must have supervision.

Spring means Class Visits!

During the month of May, classes will be visiting to hear a story, a book talk, and the Summer Program. The Grand Prizes are on display. ALL Greenwood Patrons enrolled in a Preschool – Grade 12 are invited to participate. School affiliation is not a concern- we welcome ALL Greenwood youth!
The Summer Program will be offered in June and July.


The discussion starts at 6:30pm, and the book is Fourth of July Creek, by Henderson. The setting is rural Montana, and Pete, a social worker, deals with two cases plus a family situation. This book will make you appreciate and realize a need for social work.